Sad, but not tragic. A forced opportunity. Maybe even a fortunate adaptation…fuck it. Let's make taco salad.


Nearly 20 hours after leaving Huaraz, we finally arrive in the tiny desert town of Huacachina (~200 people, ~1000 ft).  Family crisis averted.  This place is an honest to god fucking oasis!









As difficult as some of these towns have been to assess, this one is pretty damn easy:  a ring of hostels and restaurants around a tiny lagoon in the desert.  Pick one, drop the bags, and relax a while.  Kind of an out-of-body experience finding a place like this, something that seems so out of time and space (particularly after the day we’ve had).  Completely disorienting, but in that magic mushroom kind of way.  We have 4 days to kill before heading up to Cusco.  No reason not to spend it here.



We’re already running into people that we’ve met along the way, and several passed through here.  So nice to start building connections, no matter how tentative.













The staff at our $5/night hostel was so gracious and helpful and they made us feel at home.  We went on a ride out in the dunes and Holly got in some sandboarding.  I went down on my stomach because I’m sexy like that.  Not my favorite stop of the trip, but certainly the most low-key, and highly recommended.









Holly and I decided that it was probably best if she went home with the parents in mid-July instead of staying with me another month.  First, I think she’s had enough of the “real” South America after 6 months and is ready for some first-world comforts.  Second, it’s clear that we’re traveling for very different reasons:  she’s here to “do,” and I’m here simply to “be.”



I don’t know how many adult siblings get to spend an entire month alone traveling together.  I do know I have met very few that have 19 years between them.  I also know I’m goddamn lucky to have had a chance to bridge that gap with Holly and build a bond that will last a lifetime.  We have had an amazing time together and I will miss her like hell when she leaves.














Next up is a 16-hour bus ride from Ica to Cusco where we will spend our last day and night alone together before picking up the parents at the airport.


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