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Your Kid Needs Drugs

This kid needs lithium.

I ran into a copy of Newsweek magazine and there was a feature on toddlers with bi-polar disorder.  Immediately intrigued, I flipped straight to the article to see what sort of social engineering brilliance my co-patriots are up to this time.

Now, please keep in mind that I’m not reading Mountain Mama or Contemporary Childrearing for Jerks.  This is Newsweek, probably the largest weekly news magazine in The States; this is not some fringe bullshit I’m hooking into.

The article quoted a prominent and frequently-published doctor of behavioral psychology who claimed that 1-3% of American toddlers, as young as two years old, have bi-polar disorder.  And should be given expensive psychotropic drugs to treat it.  (Fuck the Terrible Twos!  You’re on lithium now, you little bastard!!)

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?  Yes, kids are a huge pain in the ass, especially at that age.  The yell, they stomp, they cry, they punch, they break, they have ridiculous temper tantrums followed immediately by massive delusions of grandeur.  THEY ARE GODDAMN CHILDREN.  If this is not what was expected or wanted, then you have clearly never been around children.  You cannot possibly tell me that you can do a proper psychological evaluation of a two year old and then, in good conscience as a physician or as a parent, give them mind-altering drugs when their minds are not even fully developed yet.

Oh fuck it.  Do what you want, idiots, you’re going to anyway.

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