Sad, but not tragic. A forced opportunity. Maybe even a fortunate adaptation…fuck it. Let's make taco salad.

About Me…


Casey Swendig is a freelance writer and photographer, aspiring chef, and intercontinental wanderer in search of the next great place to call home.

Late in 2009, Casey was celebrating his 10th year as a corporate event producer/director while settling into a new home in Portland, Oregon.  By early 2010, he was divorced (again…) and had just put his company Blackberry in a tall gin & tonic on the way to resigning.

The next logical step was to sell off all physical belongings, buy a backpack, and head for South America in search of The Great American Novel.  After nearly a year of wandering through Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Patagonia, Argentina, and Uruguay, there are more friends, stories, and stupid catch phrases than can be numbered.  Unfortunately, the novel is only two pages long…for now.

For now…the Broken Taco.


Casey is currently lost somewhere in SE Asia.


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