Sad, but not tragic. A forced opportunity. Maybe even a fortunate adaptation…fuck it. Let's make taco salad.


Maybe Later

Maybe Later

We have, as they say, a “going concern.”  Our new bar in Sihanoukville made more money in the first week than I had frankly expected to make in our first month.  We have regulars.  A lot of them.  And I have no shame in saying that we have the best goddamn tacos in SE Asia. […]

Home. Sweet. Home. — Sihanoukville

Home. Sweet. Home. -- Sihanoukville

I have been in Sihanoukville on the southern coast of Cambodia for 24 hours.  I am standing in front of a small, newly constructed space with a “for lease” sign on it.  The street we are standing on was paved the day before.  The Sihanoukville airport opened for the very first time the day before […]